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Monday, November 22, 2010

A. Samad Said

Do you still remember him?

Remember the Dead Crow that you read during your high school literature class..

Well, I saw him in Mid Valley's MPH!

I asked him a few questions when I met him. According to him, he is still writing for a living.

I really miss my BlackStar, Lost all my pictures. At least I saved one by sending one to my mom's phone. Luckily. Or else I won't have any memory of it.

But I still felt that I lost a lot, because i took many pictures with my phone.

Anyway, enjoy your day!


blee said...

thank god, it's there..

WhiteStar said...

Yup! haha! Eh, change name and picture already!

Belle said...

NICE!!!!! how old is he?!

WhiteStar said...

Yeap! He's 75 this year =D

Belle said...

WAOOOO! :D looking good :P haahaha.

WhiteStar said...

HAHA! Really? XD