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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hilary Clinton

Do you know she was here?

It was held in IIUM. Only IIUM and HELP was invited for the conference.

The security was so tight. We had to come early and wait for her arrival as well.

The view of the hall.

She'll be sitting there with two interviewers.

Oh ya, the ceiling kinda attract my attention. Unique isn't it.
Reminds me of a fruit squeezer.

After waiting for 3 hours, there she is. Initially I was very excited. But after the long wait I was restless after that. So I didn't really pay attention on what they were saying. I nearly fell asleep as well.

Why do most famous people have to make us wait all the time?

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renaye said...

good question. but not all VIPs are late, some of them that I know of are very punctual.