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Monday, September 6, 2010

CS4 and I

Caryn I updated because of you! XD

Okay, I'm sure many of you have heard of this game called Counter Strike. Basically all you have to do is protect your own base, safe hostages, attack enemy's base and etc.

It's actually a waste of time unless you want to kill time then it's okay playing it.

Anyway, I'm actually talking about Adobe Illustrator CS4.

The picture above, was my first time exploring in the lab. I know it's ugly, spare me alright, I'm still new. =)

Then we're asked to create a character and we have to pass it up on that very day itself! That's the one on top, meet Mr Tortoise. At first I wanted a cat but it ended up looking like a tortoise instead. Oh well..

By the way, I was using CS2 in the lab.

Here's my second attempt.
With CS4. How is it? Okay? Meet my new character! Called Chelsea!! XD

Feel free to comment yah, so I'll know what to improve in. Thanks!


Fiona said...

Your roommate has turned into a fish!! Or is that a fish or something else?

WhiteStar said...

i myself not sure what i've drawn XD

wenn said...

wah, fun la..

ken said...

chelsea the roomie?

Brother Captain Calvyn said...

suddenly talk abt CS... ==
but cute pic u did thr! XD

WhiteStar said...

Yes, my roomie =) Thanks Cal!