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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Special Day!

Hey Look! What's the date today? A very special lady was born on this very day!

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Cute dog isn't it! XD

Initially I wanted to be back for my mom's birthday but I've got three classes on and it ends around 4pm =(

Sorry Mummy, hope you'll enjoy your special day and Remember that you're always young by heart. Age doesn't matter alright =)

Thank You for everything that you have provided me with all these years. Your love, your cares, teachings and guidance as well.

Love You Mummy! You're the Best!

Remember to take care of yourself! And my dogs as well HAHA! XD And enjoy work with Daddy okay =D

With Lots of Love ♥,
Your Daughter =)


wenn said...

So sweet! Thanks! Love the picture of the dog..looks like May-May. :)

ken said...

bla bla..