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Monday, October 27, 2014

Flats Over Heels

Hey ladies! Let’s be honest. There’s no denying that wearing heels would help boost our confidence. They make us look elegant, sexy, and stylish too. But at the end of the day, who’s to suffer?

Our poor sore feet.
Well, no worries! We have other options, like instead of choosing the simple plain flip flops as an alternative, we can opt for a more trendy choice of shoes which is flats. Flats don’t only give us the utmost comfort but they also offer good foot protection as well as style!

Here are some advantages of wearing Flats with style.

Let’s take Taylor Swift as an example.
She happens to wear them A LOT! Like ALL the time.

Okay, back to the point. The first way you can wear flats is by matching it with a basic tee and jeans. Look at Taylor. She’s casual and still looks gorgeous! Bet there isn’t any feeling of foot discomfort.

On a side note, flats may not be sexy (although there are some pretty gorgeous pairs), but they're practical! You can do anything while wearing them.

Secondly, I've always preferred being comfortable. Like walking about the city, so flats are much more suitable and I don't get sore feet.

The next look, you can wear your flats by complementing it with a dress. This look is perfect for us ladies who wants to have that sweet feminine look with a slight hint of innocence while we’re out for an outing or, shopping!

Also, we can maintain a modest look while maintaining our stylish outfit appearance. The look will surely give us women a soft elegant character too.

Lastly, we can look fabulous with a pair of flat shoes with shorts. Why not flaunt your style during the weekend lunch with your girls or at the park and feel confident with your flat shoes selection. The ballerina flats will definitely be the perfect alternative for high heels and flip flops as it combines comfort plus style all together. What a Combo!

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I love flats! I must start searching for a nice pair of flats from Zalora!