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Monday, January 30, 2012


Kneeling helped me! *smiles with joy*

Personal time with Him just brought the real me back and He reminded me once again that He is a strong pillar of strength that will never fail when we lean on Him.

Today's presentation went well though I was a little unprepared and I really Thank God for the calmness that I had upon me throughout the presentation. Praise God!

Side track a lil bit.
Come to think of it, I have 4 blogs not including this. 2 for assignments.

 Pictures? *stopped awhile*

And! I can't believed I submitted this to my lecturer last year!

Personal Experiences
It is indeed a whole lot of good experience that I’ve never experienced before. Some are good and some are the not so good ones. I have never stayed up so late before and being stressed out at the same time. Usually people stay up late for fun but mine was the total opposite! My hair dropped so much and pimples popped up immediately because of the lack of sleep and stress. 
I slept nearly two hours per day and missed TWO of Mr Rupesh’s morning class because I was SO tired and I didn’t hear my alarm. By the time I woke up it’s already 10am, class is already over. And this is my First & Second time skipping class! Break my own record. 
But those bad experiences bring good ones as well. If I’ve not taken this subject I wouldn’t experience the life of an editor. Imagine those 2 hours movie! Wow! Salute them very much! I’ve learnt so much! I learnt to use and discover Premiere Pro CS5 myself with two of my advisors whom I seek when I needed help. Trial and error really helps me a lot in this process. I couldn’t imagine that I actually made it! And survived! So next time I’m prepared for this because of the experiences I had.

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