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Friday, January 13, 2012

In Disguise

Semester has started! *breath in*
AGAPE was good that I cried in the emotional scene *sniff*

First CF meeting turned out Good!
There are many new faces,
majority from A-Levels *where are the communication students?*

I went to class late because I overslept,
Thanks to my brother who was so desperate for my iPad,
he came around 2 something in the morning just to get it from me *i was already asleep*
then I had a hard time sleeping after that.

Anyway, something to Thank God for:
my previous lecturer that I bumped into in my department suddenly compliment me in front of the clerk saying..

Lecturer: She is the smartest girl in my class.
Me: *Paiseh* No lar, he is lying.
Lecturer: Oh, you're saying that you're lying? *went off*

The class that I took was very much challenging and HARD for me! I realized that I wasn't good in doing advertisements, but I Thank God for the A-*smiles*guess I improved?*
Working hard does pays off.

Another one,
bumped into my film lecturer- doesn't believe in God
asked if he can have the movie Soul Surfer again because he accidentally deleted it.
My answer- YES! Sure! *gave him the day after, he was so happy*

 Lord, Thank You for all the little things that happened throughout this week:
Sherlock Holmes with the committee, Wan Ling driving me to MMU, and etc!

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Eunice said...

indeed God cheers us up with the little things around us in the midst of all our stress and when we feel so tired of everything =)