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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Sometimes if you don't go through it, you will never understand how it feels like. 
True? For me it is.

I can never understand how it feels like to lose somebody you loved most. 
I don't know how is it feels like to be on the edge of losing a life. 
No shelter above my head, not enough money for school.

Of course by common sense you would roughly know how it feels like BUT you don't know what they have to go through in life.

During my teenage years, *gosh I sound old* I used to not understand how pain is pain for just a sprained ankle. How can it happen? So clumsy lar this people! Until recently, I sprained my own ankle *talk somore la*

It is not that I purposely sprained myself to feel how it feels like but it just happened in a few seconds! The next moment you are on the floor in pain and you couldn't move at all! Because the pain is really intense! 

After that day onwards, I understand how people with leg injuries felt. Not just sprains but all kinds of it that is leg related! Their sufferings, difficulties in changing, bathing, putting medicine, pain, inconvenient, you need help but you don't ask for help, and the worst part was i couldn't squat! When i reached KL back to my place, I didn't remember that the toilet is a squatting toilet until nature call! WOW! I can tell you! I think Constipation is not that bad after all *laughs* 

People walk so fast and they leave you behind, because you walk too slow..
How many will actually wait for you? 
*I don't mean everyone but some, wink*

Humans, see how ignorant they can be, sometimes it is not that they are ignorant but they take things lightly because they are NOT aware of the situations. The thought wasn't in my mind until I experience myself, what these people really need..

So the next time you see anyone with crutches, bandages, sprains, anything related to leg injuries, don't just walk away because they say it's okay after you offered your help, stay and help, walk side by side is good enough *smiles*

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Eunice said...

ok, i'll not take your "it's ok" for an answer =) hang in there sue jane !!! i'll keep praying for you.. on the brighter side, you've learnt SO MUCH through this injury.. and i'm learning from you too =)