This Is A Story Of A Girl Who Cried A River And Drowned The Whole World!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Updates on Avril!

Let me hear you say A! Always give me what I want.

Give me a V! Be Very Very good to me.

R! Always treat me Right.

I! I can put up a fight.

L! Now Let me hear you scream Loud!! AVRIL!! *screams*

Hey! Look what I found! Avril's official website!

You can always keep your self updated here!

And now introducing her new fragrance! Forbidden Rose.

Dares you to live by your own rules, push boundaries and explore the infinite possibilities that you can discover... If you dare.

Here's a video on her new fragrance! =D

Interesting Right! Hope you all enjoyed yourself today! TA!


wenn said...

when was her concert last time?

WhiteStar said...

2008!! =D