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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

IgnYte Camp

Hey! Youth Camp WAS AWESOME!!

Even though there were only 34 of us, Pastor Victor gave his 100% for God through His word.

It was really AMAZING! It was way beyond my expectation!
Will always remember all his funny "wicked" jokes as well. *laughs*
Trust me, Pastor Victor is really really funny.

Hope you all enjoyed the games and ice breaking sections as well. *grins*

God really did move AND Thank You for the confirmation Daddy God!

Boy I'm Glad that I'm not in the wrong field on what I'm studying. *smiles*

Shall update more when I'm free!

P/s: Don't take too much bak kut teh and remember to make sure there's no kangkung in between your teeth!!

1 comment:

wenn said...

Great! It's always fun in a camp.