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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hillsong Concert

Anyone missed Hillsong Concert?

Initially it was only Wednesday then they had it on Thursday as well.
How was the crowd? It was PHENOMENAL! FULL HOUSE!!
It was so pack until you step on each others shoes!

To those who missed it, have a look *smiles*

Nice backdrop eh.

Opening by Hillsong's students.

Pastor Ken.

Pastor Lee Burns is Great!

I remembered he said this,
Lee: God i can't do this on my own I need Your help.
Him: I know.
Lee: It's so hard to convinced others about Your Unconditional Love.
Him: I know.

Haha, after every question, the crowd answered for him. I know.

Q & A time during Arts, Creative and Worship Seminar.

Esther (holding the microphone) has a Great Voice!
And her husband who is in white is a Great Drummer!
Check it out!

During the praise and worship session

One of the songs they sang. Take It All *Grins*

Overall, it was GREAT! AWESOME with His presence! Many came to know Him too!

Want to see more?
Have a look here,

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