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Friday, October 22, 2010

Flydol Interview

Meet the three judges!

I thought she's Nadia but no, she's the Producer. The worst part is when I mistakenly called her Nadia. *paiseh* Oh Ya, meet JULES! And Adam!

This is where you wait until your number is called. That's the entrance to the room.

With them! They're so Friendly!

The registration counter.

Chilling area.

Then directly opposite you'll get to see Prem in action!

He actually smiled to the camera! Great right!

Then I asked whether I can take a picture with him through the glass while he sits in there, but he said wait and he came out instead! Whoa!

Crazy Picture with Prem! Notice that we both have wrist bands. *wink*


This is one of the Best Experience I ever had so far!

And So far there's no news from them, I've already expected that I won't get in. But still, I'm so glad that I tried out. I'm there for the experience. I've never been to any auditions before and this is my First one!


When we're leaving I saw this car!

The 8TV Car! Wish to be part of the Team one day *smiles*


Jean said...

to be there, it's an achievement already. better than not being there at all for pain of regret is the worst pain ever, even when compared to the pain of failure. Well done! =)

Ben - Chee Lupp said...

wow...i can't believe this is the sue jane i knew...haha...keep it up...

wenn said...

wow, i want to hv a look at the place too..