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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Remember I mentioned that I will be playing the guitar today?
Well, I had fun serving God, and I Thank God for the opportunity..

Funny part was when a brother passed me tissues,
and I thought it was for my sweaty palms and fingers,
so I wiped them *it was during announcement time after Praise*
Later, he went off and came back with a plaster *I was confused*
he then stick it to my right middle finger *it was bleeding*
I was so shocked and realized that the guitar has blood stains as well..
My skin tored off when I was strumming.. How?
I used my finger to support the pick because it was getting very slippery,
but I didn't realize that the string have cut my skin *it was numbed*

Oh well,
It was an experience *smiles*
Would like to Thank God for the encouragement from my brothers and sisters once again.

Off to Watford tomorrow!


wenn said...

never mind, just a small cut..glad that you played well..
where's Watford?

WhiteStar said...

Somewhere near Hatfield :)
It's not a small cut, very deep, the whole chunk came off..

wenn said...

aiyo..take care

Eunice said...

ouch!!!! sue jane..u were too engrossed playing is it? sounds really painful!!!