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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sum up 1

I've got double chin! *fat dy*

Oh well, coming back to the topic!
- I foresee storm ahead (lead me and guide me Lord)
- Classes are interesting but hectic (lots of brain juice consumed)
- Played the guitar for CF on Friday! (kan cheongness)
- Helped out in freshers fair
I can still remember the very first day I stepped into UH and who I met during freshers fair (Time flies)
- Played Counter Strike in LRC! After for so longgggg (I had funs!)
- Enjoyed me time today! (cleaned and vacuumed me room)
Good to have Kathryn in today, we ran through the songs together..
- Because I'll be playing the guitar for the first time for service tomorrow (in HOPE, UK)
Never played and serve for months already! Okay, the last one would be in church camp.. Oh God, I surrender all to You as I serve You tomorrow..

Things to Thank God for:
- Loving and caring brothers and sisters in Christ
- Especially the encouraging ones *Thank You! It really means a lot*
- Friends who cared back in Malaysia
- Caring parents *loving the updates from our FB group*
- Helpful lecturers
- A shelter to keep myself warm
- Able to study in UK *experiencing snow and different cultures*
- Teaching me and guiding me for the months away from home

I'm sure there are a lot more than this,
so I'm giving You my heart and that is within,
I surrender all to You, 
including all the plans that I have,
may it glorify Your name.

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wenn said...

time really flies..before you know it, you have graduated. So make full use of your time there. Experience as much as you can the culture and to hear from you so keep on updating before you forget what you have to write. And we will keep on updating in our family group. Take care and love from all of us.