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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hi June!

I'm finally back from EARC!

To sum up all:
           It's A whole new experience!
                                                                     Great eye opener for me!

                       Seeing things in a different point of view!
Learning new languages!
Breaking language barriers!
                                               Didn't know NUS was so big! 
                                                                                                Knowing great people
New Friendships!

Love to see every nation coming together as one worshiping the one and only God!

Lastly, memories that will last forever!

This time before I leave, I really felt the heartache.. 
Usually I don't feel this in any camps..
You know the feeling of not letting go? 
My heart just dropped when I see each one of my group members leaving one by one.

And when it's my turn, It feels even worst to leave people behind! *laughs* 

One more thing! Thank God for the GOOD result! *grins*
What did I get? Will post it up next!

Okay! I will share more when I have the time! SMILE!

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