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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Famous! Almost or nah

Ever had this dream before?

One day, I shall be a superstar!
A famous blogger!
Anything! You name it!

Or have you thought of it before? Like why am I not like him/her.
How life would be much easier if I'm rich.
All I have to do is just sing and do nothing else.
I'm sure we all do. We all have goals in our lives. But is it worth?

Some people love being famous, they love the fame.
They think of ideas everyday on how to be well known.
Somehow, people just love being in the spotlight.
It's in our blood, humans are selfish.

We love compliments, praises and don't bother thanking and giving credits to those you sought for help.

But, if you have all of those and no love and good health, is it worth?
You live a life of sorrow, sufferings, sickness, you felt something is missing and you keep searching for that missing piece in your heart.

So, are you living a happy life right now?

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