This Is A Story Of A Girl Who Cried A River And Drowned The Whole World!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

9 Months!

The women who carried me in her belly,
gone through the pain of labour.

Been through hard times and difficulties in bringing me up.
I used to take forever to eat.
Wonder why..

She spends her time teaching me to be a better person in life,
I can still remember the punishments I had,
which is for my own good.

Guiding me in every way,
helping me out without complaining.
Instead, I started complaining,
didn't know how to appreciate your help.

The only one I can turn to anytime. So understanding, loving and caring..
That person, is none other than the one whom I called my Mommy!

MAMA! I Thank God for you!
Thank You for all your love and care throughout the years.
Thank You for your patience! Thank You for everything!

I'm so sorry if I've said and done things that I've hurt you indirectly.


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wenn said...

that's sweet! thank you my dear..