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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Deaf 2

Imagine with me you’ve just had a brand-new baby, it’s a boy congratulations!

Now imagine with me that he has been born deaf.

What would you do?

I mean obviously you will never be able to speak to him, so what’s the point in ever communicating with him? Why bother trying, right?

Of course this would be a horrendous way to think.

Any good parent would do anything to speak to their child.

I would do everything in my power to make sure that I could communicate my love for that child and have as close a relationship as possible. I would learn sign language and spend months teaching my child how to understand me, I would be willing to spend thousands upon thousands on expensive medical procedures and hearing aids.

Think about it with me, no good parent would leave their child unable to communicate with them.

So why on Earth do we think God would do that to us. Not only is He so much better than any parent on this planet, but He is also so much more able to help us hear Him.

If this thought has ever crossed your mind, I want to encourage you... it's not the truth! It's a lie!

Not only is God speaking to you, but it’s easy for you to hear Him! He wants that more than anything. Even more than you do.

The only thing wrong with us in this area is the perspective we choose that says it's hard to hear God and that’s very easy for us to change.

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