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Friday, June 15, 2012


How others see you is not important.
How you see yourself means everything?

What do you think?


wenn said...

sometimes we can't see ourselves..others can sometimes see us clearly.

Juan said...

People are free to say anything about us.

What is most important is how you think of yourself and the thought is right before God then I think there is no need for us to over care what other people think of us.

I used to care too much on how other people think of me. To an extend where I found out is not how other people think of me but my thoughts are the one developing various of thoughts of how other people think of us. It is our thoughts that are failing us.

So I learn and put this matters before God numerous of times to overcome this matter. Thank God, He leads me in the path and overcome this matter. I am a happier person now =) Amen!