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Friday, April 13, 2012


What do Malaysians do when they feel the ground shaking?
- Oh, I thought I was having a headache and felt dizzy

Next, they post in on Social Networks
- I think I just felt the earth moving, is it earthquake?
- Earthquake! I wish my Uni building will collapse!!
- No!! Don't collapse until I graduate!
- Should we be out of the building?

Look! Malaysians are so unprepared for this situation!
From what I've observed, we Malaysians are somehow or rather Ignorant!
We take these things lightly because we have never experienced it before and have no knowledge of what to do (actions) when it happen. *Government should look into these and provide citizens knowledge on this, so we'll be equip next time, better late than never*

If you have read the previous news regarding the tsunami that hit Penang and other places, did you know what Malaysians did? They happily collect fishes, shells, corals and etc from the beach, while tourists and outsiders ran back to their hotels to check out and leave the place immediately.

See how unprepared Malaysians are? Also ignorant, we shouldn't be taking this issue lightly and make fun of it, though it may sound funny but when it happens, its not funny at all. So Malaysians, read up! Don't be Ignorant! Think of other countries that aren't as fortunate as Malaysia and learn from them, eg: like what you should do when earthquakes happen?

Lastly, be Thankful with what you have. God bless.

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