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Thursday, February 9, 2012


2011, a year of Firsts, Struggles and Opened Doors.

- Became CF President of HELP University
- Flying alone for the first time without parents or friends
- Getting a Hamster (new family member)
- Dhurcy died, first time experiencing a lost
- First time sitting in a strangers car
- First time traveling to Japan
- First department Camp in HELP University
- First CF Camp in HELP University
- Co-Mc a friend's birthday for the first time
- Making a Tomb for Easter
- First time staying in NUS during EARC
- Worship lead in front of 500++ people
- First time experiencing and planning a Retreat
- The only one who attended class (only lecturer and I)
- Getting a Visa
- Sprained Ankle for the first time
- On the edge of giving up
- Fell on my tail bone for the first time
- Sick, paled & vomited like never before
- First time experiencing root canal (most expensive teeth)
- Spent so much on my physical health
- First time involving in a Flash Mob
- First time Winning from a Lucky draw (iPad2)

Here's to 2012 being even more rewarding? *laughs*

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