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Monday, July 4, 2011

Behind the Scene Part 1!

Want to know what happened in the process of MCH211 Limitless??
 Want to see the unseen that we have seen?

Okay, it sounds more like a horror movie already *switch*


Yes! It is VIBRATING! *I thought it was going to burst*
My camera fall SICK after shooting the whole day!
I think it over worked that's why it's vibrating *laughs*

Next! Shooting skill FAIL!

After watching it, I feel so *ahem ahem* careless/blur/noob/stupid?
Nah, I think there's always room for improvement right *smiles*
I think my camera shuts itself after that.

BUT, I realize there is more! *laughs*

So, if you want to know what happened during the process of it..
Wait lar *Grins*

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wenn said...

u need a new one.